SheezyArt, also known as Sheezy, is an online art archive created by Channel Cat, and devoted to all types

of art, including traditional, digital, photography, writing, pixel art, and Macromedia Flash.

No genre of art is excluded, though works containing explicitly sexual subject matter are forbidden.

As of May 31, 2013, the site is "temporarily closed to the public, while we prepare [...] a completely new site design, logo & branding, as well as a freshly minted technology platform". According to Facebook comments, user data will be preserved through the transition.


 [hide]*1 History


SheezyArt's visual template is based on the same used at the deviantART art gallery, and as so, allowing user commentary on artwork, journals, and user pages. SheezyArt, as deviantART, offers a set forums in which the community can gather.

Since the summer of 2005, SheezyArt has been down intermittently due to server problems. This has resulted in the site being $700 short on its server bills, which are usually paid by ad revenue; however, site members' donations have helped to pay the bill.[citation needed]

In April 22, 2006 Channel Cat announced that he would be relinquish the site's ownership to administrators Spencer and Thor. [1]

SheezyArt and furryEdit

In its original incarnation, SheezyArt permitted all content, including pornographic imagery, contrary to deviantART content restrictions rules. This made it a popular archive for adult art artists, including those in the furry fandom.

Restrictions on Flash animations on deviantART, specially those including copyrighted material, enticed some artist to move to SheezyArt. User "Sqeezy" (Tim Frommeyer) is credited with influencing these Flash animators to move to Sheezy.[citation needed] [1][2]Former Sheezy mascot Dante====January 2005 adult art ban====

In January 2005, SheezyArt banned all adult material content on its archive, deleting all art and writing tagged as adult, citing a new server host's policy restrictions on said content.[citation needed]

However, many adult artists expressed disbelief at the administrators' explanation, believing the new policies to be unfair and unnecessary at best, a form of intentional persecution as worst. [citation needed]

As a result, some artists specializing in furry adult works left SheezyArt following the ban to such galleries as Fur Affinity and y!Gallery, both of which were believed to be both furry-friendly and all-inclusive (although the latter would ban anthro art in May 2006).


SheezyArt's mascot was a raccoon named Dante until March 2007 when he was removed from all features of the site. Channel Cat officially stated that "we felt he didn't represent the artists well".[2] A small community exists to preserve the memory of the former mascot.[citation needed]

Griefing and SheezyArtEdit

Regarding trolling, SheezyArt has a tolerance for harmless trolling and, to some degree, encouraged.[citation needed] Argumentative and aggressive behavior is often seen and tolerated, but outright aggression and harassment is usually reprimanded.